No Likey Mummy

Why am I a mum that nobody seems to like?! Maybe it is not as extreme as do not like but maybe I am just forgettable? Or is that worse?! I go to baby groups on a regular basis but I don't seem to make mummy friends. I have no idea why, something about me … Continue reading No Likey Mummy


Britax Affinity Travel System – Review

Our Little bunch are very lucky - my parent's bought our travel system for us  as a new baby gift before the baby arrived. They have always been generous and my sisters received similar items for each of their new arrivals. We wanted a travel system as having one base that works for everything seemed … Continue reading Britax Affinity Travel System – Review

Weaning Wonder – Finger Foods

We have introduced the new marvel of finger foods. Weaning for the Bebe family has been puree based until now as we felt this was the way forward for us. We did consider baby lead weaning but after extensive research, speaking to our health visitors and attending weaning workshops at the local childrens center we … Continue reading Weaning Wonder – Finger Foods

Food Glorious Food – Banana Pancakes

I have seen so many recipes for banana pancakes online - all with varying ingredient but all saying how good they are. With that we thought we would give them a go. We used the recipe from My Fussy Eater it has a great little video explanation so you can't go wrong.  The recipe is super easy … Continue reading Food Glorious Food – Banana Pancakes

Weaning Wonders – Delightful Dinners (part 2)

Dinners were not a roaring success for Little Bebe and I. But time heals all and weaning success is beginning to ensue.  Protein - including eggs, chicken, fish, lentils and red meat - has been introduced and Little Bebe is beginning to get used to them. I think that as well as the new flavours … Continue reading Weaning Wonders – Delightful Dinners (part 2)

Acronyms – Parenting Code

Omg how many acronyms do parents use -if you have ever visit parenting forum, read parenting blogs or followed parents on Twitter or Facebook you will know there are so many to bamboozle you with! I used to think acronyms were just for the work place but the have definitely branched out.  As a new … Continue reading Acronyms – Parenting Code