For the Love of Books – Bedtime Beginnings

We love a bedtime book and read or tell a story every night before bed. Stories are part of our bedtime routine and this helps Little Bebe get off to sleep each evening. 

Babies are never too young for books and I have read to Little Bebe from day one. Books do not need to be overly long but also they do not need to be short or have limited words. For a short books we look at the pictures in detail and for longer books I will read to a page end or chapter and the continue the following night. We also read picture books without words, making up stories is great for little ones. By using all kinds of books you are opening up endless possibilites, and opening up your childrens imaginations with it. With every book you read you also increase the vocabulary your child takes in. 

Our first bedtime reads were: 

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

This book is well known and loved by many and for good reason. It is the story of a little hare and a big hare telling each other how much they love one another. The book is full of lovely illustrations and you can join in on some of the actions. A great story for letting your little one know how much you care. 

You’re All My Favorites by Sam McBratney

This is a lovely little book and easy to read in one sitting. It is a brilliant book for those with more then one child, the children will love knowing they are all equally special. The book has a good flow and a great amount of repetition for the little ones. A lovely little read and I highly recomment it. 

These books were on repeat for some time and still come out on a regular basis. Repetition is also great for little ones so reading the same story over and over is fine and may even help with your routines. 

I would highly recommend both books, they are great reads to have in your library. 


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