Make Do and Mend – Bibs

I try to be the demostic goddess but fail miserable normally. Occasionally though I peak a little in the right direction, occasionally I achieve something off my to do list – I make do and mend!

Make do and mend is something I like to try to do wherever possible, we waste so much money and create so much waste with our throw away attitudes. Businesses are making the most of this and creating things that cannot be repaired easily or cheaply, it is horrendous but they don’t care they are making money! Anyway back on track and off my soapbox…….

My make and mend this week was Little Bebe’s bibs. 

We love the apron style bibs with full sleeves, Little Bebe has loads of them. Unfortunately we have an issue with the Velcro fastening being rubbish after a few washes, and these bibs are constantly being washed. Once the Velcro is worn it no longer sticks so the bibs fall down or Little Bebe can pull them off. 

The solution I have come up with is press studs – I don’t know why they don’t make them with press studs in the first place! 

You can pick up press studs and the tool (snap fastener pliers) for putting them together quite cheaply online and I’m sure they will come in handy for more then just this. I bought a selection of different coloured studs so they would go with all the bibs. 

Fitting them is really straight forward: 

The press stud comes in four bits, two bits per side of the stud. Each complete stud contains a front and back spike (identical) and a male and a female part that clips together. 

Press the spiked front through the material at the point you want to join the ends of the bib. It can be tough pushing through the Velcro but will eventually go with a little pressure. You could remove the Velcro but I did not simply for speed. 

Push the female connector onto the spike so the material is between the two parts. 

Use funky tool thing to squeeze the parts together, simply put the stud you have pushed through the material under the rubber tip and squeeze. 

Repeat for the opposite side, using the male connector. 

Et voila a bib that now clips together and stays together. One your little cherub should not be able to pull open too easily, but you can manage one handed. 

I have now completed this for all of the bibs we have and feeding has become much simpler again, that is until Little Bebe works out how to undo them!


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