A Year Flying By! 

Oh wow how quickly does time fly. I cannot beleive Little Bebe is fast approaching a year – where has the time gone.

From those first minutes Little Bebe has grown so much in a year. I have watched her:

♡ Shuffle for her first feed and it hurt,

♡ Spent the first night just laying watching her sleep,

♡ Bath for the first time thankfully she loved it,

♡ Cuddled lots and lots and lots,

♡ Hold her head up which she did really early,

♡ Smile and not just from wind,

♡ Copy her dad blowing raspberries which he regretted teaching her when he was continually wiping her face afterwards,

♡ Giggle it is sooooooo cute,

♡ Tell me she’s hungry she has a guttural sound for feed me now,

♡ Try to sit up she would get about half way and flop back down again,

♡ Babble away it was constant until we had an audience and then made mummy out to be a liar,

♡ Roll over this took her some time I thought she’d never do it,

♡ Clap her hands,

♡ Sit on her own with my moon cushion behind her for fear of her tumbling she didn’t need it,

♡ Point to things she wants which has now developed in to opening and closing fingers for give me it now,

♡ Grab at everything in range then whole house had to be reorganized,

♡ Say mum mum and then Dad dad – daddy was not impressed she said mummy first,

♡ Push her self around in her baby walker,

♡ Try her first solid foods, now she is eating constantly

♡ Vocalise that she is not happy and she is soooooo loud,

♡ Bum shuffle across the floor not a crawl in sight,

♡ Waves goodbye normally when people have gone out of sight,

♡ Say Nan Nan and grandad (ganda),

♡ Go for her first swim at the pool

♡ Pull herself up on the furniture edge and beginning to shuffle/walk along it,

♡ And now with two weeks to go until she is one she has finally crawled for the first time.

My Little Bebe is a watcher, she loves to observe everyone and everything and in turn I could watch her constantly. It amazes me how quickly she can pick up new stuff and how eager she is to learn.

I have watched her go from a completely dependant baby into a little tot that wants to do things on her own. People say that the time flies by and it really does. I am absoluting loving being a stay at home mum and have treasured spending the year watching Little Bebe grow and learn. It is such a special time to spend with your baby and I feel privileged to have been able to do it.

I have learnt that all babies grow and learn at different rates and although it is hard not to compare we definitely shouldn’t.  The list above is just a few of the things I have recalled from our year and your lists will be different from ours.  We are all fabulously unique!


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