New Year Plans

Happy New Year one and all! 

How many times have I made New Year resostations and just not stuck with them – too many times to count, it would be easier to count the ones I have stuck with. 

So this year I have plans – ideas and things I want to do during the year. Not resolutions as such but a little more flexible, something with a little less pressure to acheive…….. Who am I kidding they are resolutions in all but name! 

So here’s the plan: 

1) Work on my blog more – I am massively behind on posts and have around 12 in the wings waiting to go and another 20 odd in my head ready to write. Little Bebe will be grown up and left home by the time I’ve written her toddlerhood at the rate I’ve been going. 

2) Crack the diet – I got off to a flying start but the last 2 months have been more gains than loses and I’ve let myself get away with it. So this year I will get to my goal weight. I will get my motivation back and kick myself for gains rather than making excuses for myself. 

3) Make our finances work better – last year saw a lot of financial changes, a baby and me quitting work being the key ones. We managed to carry on spending like no tomorrow and its not working. So control here we come – no more unnecessary spending on stuff we really don’t need, more spending on the right things and hopefully there will be a little left over to put by for those rainy days. This includes looking at ways I can make some extra money too, I don’t like not contributing! 

4) To be more sociable – this is a joint one for both Mr Bebe and I, we need to be out of the house more and spending time with family and friends. No more rubbish excuses to not go somewhere and more invites from us for people to visit. 

Well there you go, four ideas that are appearing achievable and will improve our life a little. Wish me luck!!! 


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