Britax Affinity Travel System – Review

Our Little bunch are very lucky – my parent’s bought our travel system for us  as a new baby gift before the baby arrived. They have always been generous and my sisters received similar items for each of their new arrivals. We wanted a travel system as having one base that works for everything seemed the easiest option.

My parents, Mr Bebe and I went travel system shopping. We visited Mothercare as this was our closest shop that offered a range of Prams that we could test drive.

We fell in love with the Britax Affinity Travel System. Mr Bebe loved the colour options and how easily it folded down. I loved the style and the manoeuvrability.

The travel system came with the pram base, the carrycot attachment and the pushchair and a rain cover. We then purchased the Britax SRi plus infant car seat which clicks onto the base, the matching changing bag, the carrycot rain cover, cosy toes and the off road wheels.

The pram base is strong and sturdy. It is well made and comfortable to use. The basket is sufficient but a little on the small size. The base folds and opens easily, with a sturdy clip to hold it folded. The handle adjusts to multiple positions for varying heights of the handler, me being vertically challenged found this is very useful.

The carrycot was brilliant. It was a good size, with plenty of growing room for Little Bebe. The mattress appears comfortable and fits carrycot sheets perfectly. The hood on the carrycot has a lot of coverage, it pulls fully over the babies head space with an additional flip out section for even more protection from the sun. It has a zip on cover for the foot end which keeps baby snug and protected from the elements.

The pushchair part of the Affinty is suitable from six months old. It does not lay fully flat. It has two height adjustments for the straps which give ample resizing as your child grows. There are multiple positions for The pushchair ranging from almost flat to fully upright. The pushchair can be mounted rearward or forward facing.

The hood on the push chair is excellent at coverage, it has a small hood that has an extra small pull out for Sun protection. There is a small magnetic section to the upper back of the hood which opens revealing a window for additional light into the hood space. In addition to this it also has a zipped section to The rear which opens the hood out further to give ventilation space around the back of the head which in turn gives more Sun protection at the front.

The downside to the pushchair is where the hood clips into the seat, this seems a weak area that does not clipped together properly so needs constantly putting back in for the hood to pull up correctly. It takes two seconds and is an easy fix but annoying none the less.

The rain covers are designed for the perfect fit. They are material top and bottom with a windowed section around baby’s face and upper torso. I much prefer this look compared to the all over clear covers, especially as these seem to never quite fit right. The breathing holes in the plastic are good until little ones find they are great for sticking fingers through, theses ones are fairly strong but will eventually tear with a persistent baby.

The off road wheels were a must for our Litle family, we loved to venture out and about and a normal urban setup does not work for us. The Affinty allterraine wheels are a simple click in and click off system, the front wheels detach and the new wheels click in their place. The wheels are brilliant off road, they cope with rough ground, wooded areas, mud, and best of all sand! They do not cope as well in an urban area as they make steering difficult but you just click the normal wheels back in and away you go.

Overall this is an excellent travel system, the outstanding bits far outweigh the couple of small niggles. If given the purchasing power over again I would buy the Britax Affinity every time.

Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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