Splish Splash – Swimming

We love swimming – Little Bebe would happily go to the swimming pool on a daily basis. Swimming is so good for everyone in the family – the health benefits are amazing.

I have always been a swimmer, I was first taken to the swimming pool at only a couple of months old and have swam regularly every since. As a youngster we would go swimming as a family most Sunday morning’s. I loved it, I have so many childhood memories from going swimming. We would go to the pool early so it would not be too crowded, we used to be leaving as most families were coming in. We always swam in the ‘big’ pool as we could all swim from an early age. We would swim widths, swim lengths, drive in, swim underwater, swim to the bottom of the pool and sit down, hold onto the edge and kick our legs furiously to make the biggest waves and splash around with dad chucking as up in the air to land back in the water with a huge splash. Swimming was followed by going home to have cheese on toast for lunch, I have no idea why it was always cheese on toast but we loved it!

I remember swimming at school for the first time, I was so excited we had to get the school bus to our local pool that I always swam at – but upon arrival at the pool I was told I had to swim in the little pool. This followed great protests from me about being the baby pool but I had to do it before they would let me in the big pool. So I swam the length underwater to prove a point. I was then able to join the big kids in the big pool. I swam for my school in lots of regattas and won several long distance races, I was more of a slow and steady swimmer then a sprinter – I could swim for hours without stopping.

I want theses types of memories and this confidence in water for Little Bebe. We have started going to the local swimming pool every Sunday morning. We are up and out early, arriving just after the pool opens. It is nice a quiet with just a few families and individual swimmers, and lots of empty cubicles.

The pool has an interactive toddler pool, a training pool, a diving pool and a big pool. The training pool seems to be off limited unless you are taking lessons and the diving pool is too big for us at the minute.

We start in the toddler pool where it is nice and warm and Little Bebe can play. It has a slide, a waterfall that you can control with flaps, an overhead shower area that drops water at different speeds to run under, and lots of games around the pools edge. There is normally a few watering cans and a ball floating around too. Little Bebe loves it and we normally do a few goes on the slide and then paddle off to the other things before she makes a beeline for the slide again.

We finish off our session by having a dip in the big pool. I take Little Bebe in here as it is easier for me to walk her along teaching her how to swim. I’m sure most regulars are fed up with me saying ‘kick, kick, kick, good girl’ constantly. We also do our dunks in the big pool, getting Little Bebe used to being under the water. It is not her favourite thing to do but she is definitely getting used to it. We do a one, two, three, deep breath and submerge and she is now starting to dip her own head after three. We don’t stay in the big pool for long as it is colder and poor Little Bebe would freeze.

It is then out of the pool, shower, and try to get the big family changing cubicle to dry and dress. The cubicle makes all the difference lol, the big ones are so much easier and having the changing unit is essential. The changing units are great for keeping baby off the wet floor and for strapping them to whilst you get dried and changed. Most pools have the plastic cots in the communal areas to pop baby in but they are normally damp and then you’re changing in front of everyone – not ideal!

We finish off the sessions with a drink and a snack before hopping back in the car where Little Bebe is normally asleep before we have even left the carpark.

Swimming is mainly positives but going to the pool can be expensive as a family – paying for adults and children quickly mount up. Children under one are free but then have to pay after that. Family tickets are available but are only slightly cheaper and are based on having two children. I think there should be a cheaper any size family ticket to encourage families to swim – it is excellent for your health and well being and it would surely benefit the pool too as by children swimming they are ensuring a future adult that can and will use the pool. Rant over!

So if you are umming and arrring about going swimming with your little one I would definitely recomment it!


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