Weaning Wonder – Finger Foods

We have introduced the new marvel of finger foods. Weaning for the Bebe family has been puree based until now as we felt this was the way forward for us. We did consider baby lead weaning but after extensive research, speaking to our health visitors and attending weaning workshops at the local childrens center we decided this was not the route for us. Although we are weaning with purees I wanted to introduce finger foods relatively quickly and now the time has come.

Little Bebe first finger food was broccoli, she squealed with excitement, played with it until it was broken into tiny pieces and then wiped it all off of her high-chair onto the floor – not the best start but at least she was exploring the food.

Carrot was our second attempt and this went down a little better and she managed to put it in her mouth before spitting it back out again. This solid food thing is going to take some perseverance.

We have tried different vegetables for a week with limited success so have moved onto fruit as well as vegetables. Wow what a difference – she loves it! We started with watermelon strips with the seeds removed and the pace at which she ate was phenomenal. I think the consistency helped Little Bebe as well as the taste. She was a complete sticky mess after the experience!

Banana slices have also been hugely popular, again I think the consistency of the fruit helps. Little Bebe holds her hand up for each piece with her little legs wriggling in excitement. I think if there was only banana left in the world to eat this would be one happy baby!

Since the introduction of the fruit Little Bebe is also getting better at eating her solid vegetables, broccoli is still not a favourite but she will eat a tiny amount before spitting everything out or just throwing it on the floor. We will keep giving her everything as consistency and repeated attempts seem to be the key to success.

I would like Little Bebe to be an adventurous and healthy eater, trying new things and not being overly fussy. I am sure we will have battles to come but I sincerely hope the start we are giving her with food enables this.


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