Weaning Wonders – Delightful Dinners (part 2)

Dinners were not a roaring success for Little Bebe and I. But time heals all and weaning success is beginning to ensue. 

Protein – including eggs, chicken, fish, lentils and red meat – has been introduced and Little Bebe is beginning to get used to them. I think that as well as the new flavours to get used too there is the different textures to add into the mix and this seems more of a barrier to eating then flavour. 

With perserverance dinners so far have included the following:

▪ Salmon, sweet potato and peas

▪ Lentil, sweet potato, carrots and onion

▪ Chicken, carrot and potato

▪ Bolognese with baby pasta 

▪ Beef stew

▪ Cod, sweetcorn and potato

▪ Scrambled eggs

The favourite dinner to date has been salmon, she eats this at some pace and devours the whole pot every time. The worst contenders are the Bolognese and the scrambled egg – I honestly thought theses two dishes would have gone down better as most of the children I know love both of these but Little Bebe does like throwing me a curved ball – follow the book never! I do believe that these two dishes are the ones where texture is really having an effect rather then flavour. With the Bolognese Little Bebe can end up with a mouthful of mince which she cannot chew but all the sauce has gone, and the scrambled egg is gummed and then pushed out again. 

We will continue to persevere with our delightful dinners, with new flavours and textures for Little Bebe to try. For now she is happily trying three meals a day and getting more adventurous with her taste

With all the recipes above I still use expressed breastmilk for consistency in flavour to give Little Bebe that familiar taste. All meals are homemade and no jars are used as of yet, I am hoping to continue this as long as I can as I feel it is the healthiest option for Little Bebe. I am sure we will try pre-prepared food at some point that is convenient for us, never say never. 

I feel the when and how of eating is important at this beginning stage of weaning, offering consistency at meal times to Little Bebe will hopefully help her to understand how meals work and get her in a healthy routine. Based on this Little Bebe has a cup of cool boiled water with every meal, and although she only drinks a tiny amount I feel it is good practice for when she is older and not getting the breastfeeds she currently has. We all eat at the table together as a family at dinner time and little Bebe and I eat together at the table during the day – this is a no technology zone where we sit and enjoy our food and converse about our days. I also cook with Little Bebe around explaining what I am doing as I go – hopefully as she grows she will have a good understanding of cooking and healthy foods. 

Recipes for delightful dinners will be added to my blog as and when we make them. 


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