Acronyms – Parenting Code

Omg how many acronyms do parents use -if you have ever visit parenting forum, read parenting blogs or followed parents on Twitter or Facebook you will know there are so many to bamboozle you with! I used to think acronyms were just for the work place but the have definitely branched out. 

As a new mum or mum to be visiting forums and blogs, the acronyms users can be very daunting. They use a language of their own which you appear to have no knowledge of whatsoever! Trying to unscramble the code can fry your brain, especially when its already under the pressure of hormones and lack of sleep. Asking for an explanation is too embarrassing, you are already trying to fool the world you know exactly what you are doing and admitting you haven’t got a clue (even about this) is simply not an option when trying to feel good about your (lack of) parenting knowledge. 

I know the regular bloggers and forum chatters do not mean to make you feel like an outsider and it’s about time saving and not typing huge amounts that you do not need to. So try not to feel intimidated and just go with the flow. 
As a newbie parent – you get through it and muddle by and soon you will be acronyming all over the place without a second thought. So here is a list of the ones I have managed to work out or looked up in pure frustration:

AP – Attachment Parenting

BBT – Basal Body Tempreture (Your lowest body tempreture – after sleep and before physical activity) 

BC – Birth Control

BF – Breastfeeding

BFN – Big Fat Negative (pregnancy test)

BFP – Big Fat Positive (pregnancy test) 

BLW – Baby Led Weaning

BM – Breast Milk

CC – Controlled Crying (sleep training method) 

CIO – Cry It Out (sleep training method)

CS – Cesarean Section

CW – Current Weight

DD – Darling/Dear Daughter

DH – Darling/Dear Husband

DS – Darling/Dear Son

EBM – Expressed Breast Milk

EDD – Estimated Date of Delivery (due date) 

EFB – Exclusive Breastfeeding or Extended Breastfeeding

FF – Forumla Feed or Follower Friday  (link to your friends or people you recommend following on Twitter)

FIL – Father in Law

FTM – First Time Mum

GW – Goal Weight

HPT – Home Pregnancy Test

LG – Little Girl

LB – Little Boy

LO – Little One

MC – Miscarriage

MIL – Mother in Law

ML – Maternity Leave 

MS – Morning Sickness

NAK – Nursing at keyboard

NIP – Nursing in public

O – Ovulation

OH – Other half

OWT – Old wives tale

PG – Pregnant

POAS – Pee on a stick (pregnancy test) 

PPD – Postpartum/postnatal depression

SAHD/SAHF – Stay at him dad/father

SAHM – Stay at home mum/mom/mam/mommy (delete as appropriate for area lived in)

SAHP – Stay at home parent

SO – Significant other

SW – Starting Weight

TTC – Tring to conceive

US – Ultrasound

VB – Virginal Birth

VBAC – Virginal Birth After Cesarean

This list is just a starting point, I definitely do not know them all. Please feel free to add any I may have missed!


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