Hobbies – Regression to My Youth

Hobbies are something I generally have very little time for but I love the idea of having something that I can do that is just for me. I have picked up so many hobbies over the years, some lasting longer then others and some lasting no time at all. 

My latest attempt is with a regression to my youth.  While away with the family on holiday we were in a signal black spot and actually had time to relax, so I picked up something new yet old at the same time – colouring in books and dot to dots. 

I have a vast amount of memories from my youth sitting down with a colouring book and getting lost for hours in the pictures, deciding on the colour scheme and taking the time to not go over the edges. I used to love laying on my tummy in front of the tv with pencils in my hand. Dot to dots were the same, as a kid you could normally see what they were before starting to join the dots if not your parent could easilyworkmit out. 

While I was away I picked up a grown-ups colouring book and a grown-ups dot to dot. They have been immense fun I did not realise how calming it could still be. The colouring is far more intricate with amazing patterns to colour. The dot to dots have 400 dots on each one, what they are is not obvious and half the fun is working out what it will be. 

I think this will be a lasting hobby as it is something you can pick up and put down whenever you have time, you do not need to do it continuously to keep up to date. It is also a hobby that I can do with Little Bebe, she has here own colouring book and crayons although making marks on a page is a challenge at the moment but it is something we can enjoy together for years to come. 


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