Weaning Wonders – Delightful Dinners

Weaning has been a delight and we are now moving onto delightful dinners. Dinner for me is adding a bit more variety with the introduction of meat and other source’s of protein. Dinner is also our last main meal to introduce, Little Bebe is established with both breakfast and lunch. 

Little Bebe sits in her highchair at the table when we are eating whenever possible, and she has done this since she was around four months old and able to sit up unaided. We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the table and feel this give her a good example to follow as well as learning from us about how to eat. Meal time is family time, we enjoy our food, each other company undistracted and the conversation flows – I hope this will long continue as Little Bebe grows up. 

Just the title of the evening meal causes great debate in the Bebe household – I am a Southerner and it is dinner in the evening, whereas Mr Bebe is a Northerner and it is tea. Up North dinner is at lunchtime and the term lunch is not used at all. It can lead to some very confusing conversations about what is for dinner! Little Bebe is going to be so confused, bless her. 
After the basic food combinations we have been trying dinner and it is really stepping up a gear on the eating front. The introduction of another meal and the introduction of more variety and flavours. 
Dinners has not been smooth sailing so far! They are not such a big hit for Little Bebe -firstly she is not keen on eating at this time of day, I don’t think she is quite ready for another meal yet and still prefers the breast for now. Secondly she can sleep through dinner as her naps are a little sporadic at this time and I do not want to feed her solid foods too late in the evening. Thirdly the new flavour combinations are taking some getting used to, I also think the texture of the food is diffent with the meat/fish/lentils/egg etc. 
We are taking it slowly, I prepare dinner each evening and offer it to her (if she is awake). If she does not want it we leave it and try again the next day with a fresh batch. The first week was far more not wanting then wanting but three weeks in and we are probably a 60/40 split in favour of dinner.  
Little Bebe is still happily wolfing down her breakfast and lunch and is still taking regular breastfeeds. I am not worried at this stage as she is so good with food and dinner will fall into place when she is ready.  She is still nice and chunky and putting on weight consistantly. We are following her lead and she is very good at letting us know if she is ready for a change. 

The delights of dinner will continue on and recipes will start to follow, for now it is a work in progress. 


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