Weaning Wonders – Classic Combo’s

Weaning is becoming a real treat for Little Bebe and I, we are loving it! She is such a little trooper and will try any food that I give her and keeps eating it even through she is pulling all sorts of faces. We are trying our best to have a healthy weaning experience and so far it is working.

Little Bebe is fully established with eating lunches. She will happily eat roughly two tablespoons of vegetables for her lunch. I still make her vegetables mixed with breastmilk and puree them to a smooth finish. The vegetables she has eaten so far include:


▪Butternut Squash
▪Sweet Potato
▪Celeriac (the only veg she will point blank refuse, but it is a strong flavour)
▪Courgette (is very watery so only a little breastmilk to be added for flavour)
▪Aubergine (similar to courgette)
▪Sweetcorn (does not smooth completely due to the corn husks)
▪Brussel Sprouts (might as well get her used to them not – they’re not just for Christmas)
▪Beetroot (natural not pickled)
▪Avocado  (took a couple of attempts but will now happily eat, may have been because it is cold)

Breakfasts are well in there way to being firmly established too. She has less variety for breakfast but is happily eating them. So far she has had baby rice, baby porridge and natural yoghurt. I am mixing these with fruit both fresh and stewed. So far she has had:


▪Banana (a firm favourite)

Our next stage has been veggie combo’s. This has been an attempt to mix vegetables that I think go together and hope they make a nice combination. These combinations are still made with breastmilk and I will continue to do this for as long as I can – it normally means expressing milk a couple of times a day but I am happy to do this. I tend to make a meal each day but a few pots of it and then freeze the spare to use later on. This means I can have a week or so off from cooking her lunches every so often. Here is our combination list so far:


▪Broccoli and cauliflower
▪Carrot and parsnip
▪Avocado and banana (a favourite, probably because of the banana)
▪Carrot and swede
▪Potato and sweetcorn (this is a work in progress, we need a few more goes yet)
▪Sweet potato and spinach

With every meal Little Bebe gets a cup full of cool boiled water to drink. She has a free flow cup as this seems to be the recommended way to go for mouth and teeth development, it is just a little messy which I can deal with. She does not have anything other then water, I do not think there is any need. Juice drinks can be high in sugar and of course there is a cost involved, what could be easier, cheaper or most importantly healthier then water.


It’s onwards and upwards for us – I cannot believe how quickly this is all going, my little girl is growing up so fast. Time really does fly so we intend to enjoy every minute and every mouthful!


3 thoughts on “Weaning Wonders – Classic Combo’s

  1. Love your post on healthy weaning, I might have some recipes for weaning you may like on my blog I’ve just started x


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