Battle of the Bulge – My First Stone

Well I have only gone and done it – just over a stone lost in eight weeks! I am rather pleased with myself, it is really hard but I have stuck with Weightwatchers and I will continue to do so. It’s definitely more of a lifestyle change and not just a diet. Weight loss is the ultimate goal but healthier and happier are certainly the key to sucess.

The weightwatchers diet has a measure of the good the bad and the ugly:

● The good – I am on a steady weight loss, I am changing my food choices for the better, I feel healthier and my clothes are becoming loser.

● The bad – it is a restrictive diet, I have to be fully planned and prepared to be successful each week, and going out to eat can be a complete nightmare for smartpoints.

● The ugly – I have craving and I miss certain foods, I hate the fact my other half can just eat what he want and does not realise how hard I find it some days, its just pure jealousy on my part! 

My weight loss has been realatively steady, I lost the most weight in my first week and have been losing one to two pounds each week since.  I started at 12st 8lbs and I am now down to 11st 7lbs. I do not think you can see any difference yet!


I am still a size 16 (UK) but my clothes are fitting better then before – I was probably stretching a size 16 to be honest but was in denial about needing the next size up. I have a couple of larger size 14 tops which are also now fitting. I have quite a few size 14 that I can definitely not get into but hopefully soon!

I take weekly measurements but I’m not sure how accurate I am with them. Some measurements are staying the same where as others are dropping every so slightly, and some fluctuate up and down constantly. I also think breastfeeding affects some of the measurements. I will keep the measurements going as I’m sure the less I weigh the differences will become more steady and easier to track.

Our little Bebe bunch are going back home to my family for a holiday in just four weeks, I was hoping for a noticeable difference before then but I do not think that is going to happen. So I will have to wait for the next visit before I can wow them with my weight loss!

For now it is onward and hopefully inwards!


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