Weaning Wonders – Breakfast Begins

Weaning is still going strong – Little Bebe is happily eating her veggie lunches every day so the time has come for breakfast.

The big consideration is what to make for breakfast, Little Bebe has been very good with vegetables and new flavours so anything would be worth a try. But I needed to consider what would be healthy and good for her.

I started with baby cereals  in the form of baby rice and baby porridge mixed with breastmilk.  I tried this on their own first to let Little Bebe try the flavours. I then progressed, after a couple of attempts at each, to mixing them with fruit.

The baby rice did not go down well – Little Bebe was thoroughly unimpressed and turned her head away from the spoon repeatedly and pushed it out of her mouth. I found it difficult to make up, it was extremely runny and was so hard to thicken. If you follow the instruction it ends up as a runny paste.

The baby porridge went down better with Little Bebe happy to eat it. It was easier to thicken up but still on the runny side if you follow the instructions on the packet.

After a few days we added fruit to the cereal – this made Little Bebe much happier to eat away. I started with fresh fruit, introducing a new fruit only after a couple of days to make sure Little Bebe had no adverse reactions. We started with banana and then moved onto blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.

I then introduced natural yoghurt, Little Bebe was not a fan at first but is now used to the flavour and happy to eat it. I chose organic full fat natural yogurt as this is the purist form with no added ingredients. Again I tried this on its own and then after a couple of days I added fruit to it.

After making sure Little Bebe was ok with the fruit I made up some fruit compots that I could make up and then freeze. I stewed the fruit and then stored in weaning pots, I did not add anything to the fruit as when stewed I think it is plenty sweet enough. I remove the fruit from the freezer the night before and allow to defrost overnight in the fridge.


Little Bebe has taken to breakfast so well as she did to her first feeds, weaning is turning out to be rather straight forward. The puree method is working for us for now and I’ll continue with this for a while. Next on the weaning schedule is combination foods – I will start mixing vegetables for lunch and see how this goes.


2 thoughts on “Weaning Wonders – Breakfast Begins

  1. Is this your first?? If so, you’re a natural and doing way better than I ever did with my first!! My youngest is 8 months old now, and so we’ve just trudged through all of this. It gets a lot more fun when they’re toddlers! If you ever need meal ideas let me know! Thank you for posting this! I know that when I was going through this, it really encouraged me when I saw others posting their journey through it. This transition can be very difficult for some folks, for many different reasons. It definitely reminded me to keep feeding my kids healthy!!! Now I think I’m going to have to plan out some meals!


    1. Thank you so much for you kind comments! Little Bebe is my first and I do feel like I’m winging it most of the time. I think I have been very lucky she is such a happy well behaved baby. Dinner ideas would be great if you have some. Do you have an eight month old and a toddler? I cannot imagine how exhausting that is! Thank you again for your lovely words.


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