The Fisher Price Jumperoo was recommended to us by lots of people as soon as I was pregnant. Apparently it was a must buy – so we bought one.

The Jumperoo cannot be used until baby can hold their head up unaided, which Little Bebe could do from around four months. So this is not a product you need straight away, and unless you have space I would not purchase too soon.

The Jumperoo is easy to assemble and the instructions are comprehensive. The Jumperoo has three different height settings for when little one grows, which are easily adjustable.

Once set up the Jumperoo is big, very big, it takes up lots of room and because of its circular shape is not easily tucked in a corner. The base clicks apart at one point to make it slightly smaller to fit through doorways but this is not a stable mode, so not great for storing it especially if baby is on the move.


So at four months Little Bebe had her first go and she loves it, she smiles and giggles constantly! On her first go she bounced from the off and then did not stop. For the first couple of months she was not at all interested in the toys but loved the bouncing and the music. She is now much more interested in the toys, especially the parrot and the frog that hang down.

We only let Little Bebe in for 15 minutes at a time and limit her to one go a day. She bounces so hard and continuously that we do not want her to hurt herself.

I do not leave her alone while she is in the Jumperoo but it does give me some respite to eat or drink at least a semi-warm cup of tea while she is bouncing away.

So I would be one of the many that would recommend this product, space permitting of course. 


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