Car Seat Considerations

Car seats are an important purchase for our little family and safety and comfort are key considerations.

We travel down south to my family at least four times a year, driving around 300 miles each way and more driving whilst down there. We also drive locally and visit family about 50 miles further north. Due to the mileage and the type of journeys we do a car seat had to be comfortable but most importantly have a high safety rating.

We looked at numerous car seats before Little Bebe was born. I researched the brands and makes online and then we went to the shops and looked at them in person so that I could get a real gauge on how they worked and felt.

We had pre-decided that we wanted an isofix compatible seat due to the extra safety it affords. We had narrowed down the seat choices based on this and based on which isofix seats were compatible with our car.

We looked at stores own  brands as well as the top brands. Reasons for not choosing a seat ranged from – not a high enough safety level to awkward straps.

After great consideration we opted for the Britax Baby-Safe Plus SHRII. It was isofix compatible, the isofix was compatible with our car, it fitted on to our pram, it looked comfortable for Little Bebe, was easy to use and most importantly had an excellent safety rating.


The seat has been brilliant!

It is easy to get in and out of the car clicking with ease onto the isofix base with a one button release from the base to lift out of the car easily. The seat can also be used without the isofix base and with a seatbelt instead if going in another car. The seat has D-SIP, which gives additional side impact protection for the car when clicked up, we left them up all the time as it did not affect the seat whilst on the pram base.

The seat effortlessly fits onto the Britax Affinity pram base and has a one button one handed release from the base. The seat can be colour matched to the pram set.

There has been ample adjustments in the straps and head support as Little BeBe has grown, and she has grown at a fast rate of knots.

The material is both durable, machine washable and removes without removing the harness making it very practical. It also has a sun and wind canopy and you can purchase a fitted rain cover.

Little Bebe appears very comfortable on both long and short journeys, although we always stick to no more then two hours on the road without a break.

I would highly recommend this car seat and given the choice again I would purchase this above any other.


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