Weaning Wonders – Two Weeks In

Weaning was is a wondrous time for the Bebe family. Little Bebe appears to love her food and I love making it for her.

I make homemade baby food – an informed personal choice based on researching healthy options for babies and attending weaning workshops put on by the health visitors at our local children’s centre. I’m not saying I would never feed Little Bebe a jar of food but it would be a rare event, all going well.

These are the first foods Little Bebe tried in her first two weeks – all the foods were pureed with breastmilk that I expressed the morning of making the purees.

1. Broccolli
2. Carrot
3. Butternut squash
4. Parsnip

Each food was given for a couple of days before moving onto the next, just in case of allergies and to get Little Bebe used to the flavour. Then we rinsed and repeated the cycle.

Thankfully, despite the face pulling and the shudders, Little Bebe seemed to have taken to her first foods so well. In the first week she would eat three to four full spoonfuls of food per sitting – most of which stayed in her mouth although looking at her bibs it did not appear so. This amount of food continued for week two as well, as did the face pulling at the start of each meal.


Little Bebe’s first tastes were given at lunchtime after a breastfeed. I was advised to give milk first as the first foods are just a taster and milk will remain the main source of nutrition until around a year old.

The preparation of the purees was really simple – either steam, boil or microwave the vegetables then drain and put in a blender with a small amount of breastmilk adding more to alter the consistency. I made the first tastes quite runny with each puree I made around four lots of food which I stored in small weaning pots and put in the freezer once cooled. When needed I remove a pot from the freezer and defrost overnight – I make sure I use this thawed pot within 24 hours of defrosting.

To warm the food I microwave for around 30 seconds or until piping hot, stirring half way through,  and then leave to cool down to an appropriate tempreture. I always taste the food before giving it to Little Bebe to make sure it is cool enough and to make sure it is ok.

Our next step is to move onto combined vegetable meals, and to try to introduce a breakfast meal.


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