Weaning Wonders

Weaning was a huge milestone for Little Bebe and I as first time mum. I looked into all the information available on weaning and went to a weaning session put on by our local children’s centre.

We started weaning at 26 weeks for our little chunky monkey. She was so interested in everything we put in ours mouths and watched intently as we ate. She would follow the cutlery from our plate to mouth. Everything you gave her went straight into her mouth and she had been sitting unaided for a couple of months. We went with the latest recommendation that babies should not be given solid food until six months due to their underdeveloped digestive system.

I decided to go down a mixed route for feeding Little Bebe – I would start on purees and introduce finger foods as soon as possible. There are so many opinions and differing research on either purees or baby lead weaning from what I read, with each side stating that was the best way forward. The local health visitors stated they could not recommend baby lead weaning but stated its very much a parent’s choice. There were also lots of stories in the news about little ones choking on whole foods. I decided that a mix of the both would probably be the best way forward for us but definitely a puree start.

First tastes for us were veggies as recommended by pretty much everyone regardless of which route you chose – homemade broccoli puree made with breast milk to kick it all off. She did manage to eat some despite the mess she got into.


I gave Little Bebe a spoon from the start, so she would get used to the idea of self feeding. She also has a free flow cup of water with every meal. We are also using apron style bibs with full sleeves and a waterproof back – they are the way forward and save a change of clothes. When at home we always feed in a high-chair at the table with us and at the same time as we eat – trying to set Little Bebe a good example and get her used to table manners from the start, it’s also great family time with no interruptions and time to talk.

Our first tastes were given at lunch time and only a few spoonfuls to start with, which Little Bebe had no trouble managing. We repeated the same vegetable for a couple of days and then introduced the next. Carrot was our second vegetable and it went down wonderfully.

Our first tastes were a great success and we have continued with homemade purees. We have been flying along ever since!

Look out for more weaning experiences and some recipes Little Bebe likes to eat, to follow.


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