Battle of The Bulge – Silver Seven

Battling the Bulge is tough! I have to remind myself this is going to be worth it in the long run, especially when cake, ice-cream or chocolate are on offer.

Three weeks in and I have managed to stick to my points and lose weight each week. This week I gained my Silver Seven – I lost my first half stone! My weight is now 12st 1lb – I am still a size sixteen with no noticable difference to my physical appearance as yet.

My lifestyle is changing rapidly – I am becoming more active and my food choices are so much healthier.

Breakfasts are usually cereal and milk with a cup of tea, except weekends where I tend to have scrambled egg on toast with a fresh coffee.

Lunches are sandwich thins or wraps with a side salad, accompanied by fruit or a yoghurt and sometimes a packet of French Fries crisps.

Dinners are far more mixed with homemade spaghetti bolognese, chilli, gammon steaks, stir fry, stew, roast dinner and the occassional bag of chip from the chippy when I have points to spare.

Snacks consist of fruit, rich tea biscuits, weight watchers chocolate bars or mini milks to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Drinks normally consist of cups of tea or glasses of sugar free juice. I am not brilliant at drinking, so this week I have challenged myself to drink two litres a day.

So onwards and upwards for the coming weeks. 



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