Waiting on Teeth

Little Bebe has no teeth!!!!

If you read all the charts and infographics Little Bebe should have had her first two teeth emerge around 6 months, and the next two coming in around 10 months. This has not happened for us, toothless smiles all the way!


Little Bebe has been showing signs of teething since around 12 weeks old. She has had a burning bright red cheek, a slight tempreture and a runny bum with a little nappy rash. Theses symptoms have lasted anywhere from half an hour to about six hours and then dies down, this happens around once a week. But there are no signs of teeth yet, no whites gums or anything of the sort.

We have had Little Bebe’s first dentist visit, she loved the attention and sat happily letting the dentist prod around her mouth. The dentist had no concerns the she had no teeth yet. Apparently all babies teethe at diffent times, some babies teethe early, some do not get teeth until very late and some babies are even born with teeth!

It’s a case of which is the lesser of two evils – one tooth every now and again or teething late and getting them all at once?! Either way it is such an unpleasant thing for poor Little Bebe to go through.

Teething pain is the worst thing ever, I have recent experience of this that is ongoing – one of my wisdom teeth has decided to come through quite late on and is taking its time about it. My tooth is excruciating when trying to cut through the gum and makes me feel run down on growth spurts, with swollen gums, jaw ache, a temperature and a dodgy tummy. The horrid thing has a growth spurt about every three months, the front has broken the gum but the back is still hiding. I’ll be glad when it has finally popped out!

We have stocked up teething toys in preparation, which Little Bebe happily gnaw at any time they are in range. Actually she will gnaw on anything that is in range, the poor dog included!

Despite having no teeth it has not stopped Little Bebe eating a variety of food, she can gum anything to a pulp – with her favourites being toast and bananas. She will happily sit a chew dried fruit, cooked carrot sticks, broccolli and scrambled egg to name but a few.

So we will just continue to play the waiting game and hope that Little Bebe wont suffer to much.


2 thoughts on “Waiting on Teeth

  1. I can so relate to this. Now, with my 18-month-old girl, I’ve realised she’s never going to ‘go by the book’. And I have decided to go with the flow–‘her’ flow. And I am a happier mom. Oh, may I recommend a highly-effective painless teething solution? Do head for biochemical salts (absolutely safe) for teething babies and toddlers called ‘Teething Trouble 21’. My little girl had painless teething, as have my other nieces and nephews, thanks to TT21.

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