The Battle of the Bulge has Begun!

I have finally made the commitment to change my lifestyle and to take fight with the Bulge!

I have joined my local Weight Watchers group. I have been to Weight Watchers before and it worked so well, this was around twelve years ago and I managed to keep the weight off for so long right up until I fell pregnant.  So I have decided to give it a go again and here’s hoping it works as well as all those years ago.

I have tried Weight Watchers online with no success for now – I realise I need somebody else to stand in front of and get on those scales, doing it by myself just does not work. I get on the scales at home and make excuses for myself – it’s been a hard week, I’ve been so busy, it’s my time of the month, we’re away and anything else I could think of.

I have signed up for three months in advance to keep my motivation going and because you get a free starter kit with it. I stayed for the whole session which I never did previously, I just used to go for the weigh-in and leave. The meeting after the weigh-in gave encouragement, ideas and a chance to meet others in the same position. I think I will keep staying for the whole session for now to help me on my way, I may move to just weigh-ins when I’m more confident that I can stick with it.

My starting weight and measurements are as follow, with a week one picture so I can look back and see how I’m doing.


Weight – 12st 8lbs

Arms – 34.5cm
Thighs – 63cm
Tummy – 110.5cm (widest point)
Waist – 95cm
Hips – 114.5cm
Chest – 110.5cm

Dress Size – 16 (UK)

Wish me luck…….I’ll keep you updated!


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