Beware the Perfect Parent!!!

We have all seen the perfect parent brigade on social media – beware, no I mean just ignore!

It does not matter what you are doing everyone has an opinion and it will not always be the same as yours. That does not mean you are wrong it just means we all do things differently. As parents we are not in competition with each other, it is not about who is having the worst or best time, and it is not about who is doing a better job. It is about doing the very best for your child and ensuring above all things that your baby is healthy and happy. 

Parents do not have it easy and should get support from fellow parents. Unfortunately this does not always happens and instead we get battered online. It must be so soul destroying and make you feel so isolated.

We should remember that it does not matter what you do someone will always have a different way of doing it. Some people feel like they need you to do it there way or no way, the perfect parents who thinks they can do no wrong but will happily tell others that they are in the wrong. I have seen so much criticism online, these to name but a few:

▪If you breastfeed you cannot be proud as it is seen as bragging and making it difficult for others, if you formula feed then it’s seen as you if you haven’t tried – both are ridiculous and mean opinions, you should be proud regardless and you are all doing your best.
▪Weaning should be baby led, oh no we should be pureeing food – actually it should be whatever works for you and your baby.
▪Newborn is the hardest time, no wait until they are three months, six months, one year, toddler, teenager – they all have difficult points and all have amazing times.

I think some mums/dads criticise others to justify what they are doing and to make themselves feel better for their own choices, but this is not the way to do it. If you are doing the best you can by your child you should have faith in your own abilities and belief in your choices.

If a mum or dad is coming online for support we should be supportive and helpful not critical, we have no idea about their background, no idea about the support networks they have, no idea if they are on their own, no idea if they have had role models to base their ways on, and no idea if they have amazing support but just need a non-involved opinion. We teach our children to be kind and tolerant maybe we should follow in their footsteps.

Just remember there is no such thing as a perfect parent – we all do things differently and we all make mistakes, we are human that’s how we learn!


2 thoughts on “Beware the Perfect Parent!!!

  1. I try to live my life by the motto… live and let live… if you ask me advice I will gladly help. If you choose not to follow that advice that’s perfectly ok too. I always think. Listen to everyone then make up your own mind.


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