All in a name

Little Bebe’s name choice was a family affair!

Mr Bebe was absolutely convinced we were having a little boy from the moment we found out we were pregnant. He had a name in mind and I loved it. Then at 20 weeks we found out we were having a girl – time for a rethink.

Mr Bebe decided we should use the same initial as our boys choice and work from there. Oh wow that really did not make it easier! To make it even harder I was a teacher, so every name made me think of a child that I knew and a reason not to use a name  – ask any teacher you know, it’s a nightmare! 


There was conflict – Mr Bebe liked one name and I liked another – they were similar but we just could not agree. We told close family our ideas hoping for it to sway one way or the other, it didn’t they were split down the middle.

My mum came up with an idea that could incorporate both names, and either could be used as a shortened version of the name. It was traditional yet very unusual – we loved it. We started to tell family only and most loved it as much as we did.

We loved it so much we forgot about the original names we liked and decided to call her this new name without shortening. We knew it would be a name that Little Bebe would love. It is different but gorgeous – it is not something we would regret and it is not something that she would teased about further down the road.

Unfortunately not everyone liked our name; we were asked if it was a made up name, asked if we were really going to call Little Bebe that and told it was awful by a close family member. We told them the origin of the name but that made no difference to them liking it. We are now in a situation where they refuse to call Little Bebe by her full name, and they tell everyone her name is a shortened version that they like. Mr Bebe had resorted to writing her name in capital letters in any cards we give them, I still don’t think they are taking the hint.

It was quite soul destroying having the name you have picked for your child so heavily criticised by such close family members, and it made us wrongly doubt our choice for a while. Thankfully we moved past their horrible comments and stuck to our guns. Regardless of other people’s thoughts we love her name and wouldn’t change it or shorten it for the world. We know our beautiful baby has a beautiful namee have had so many positive comments on Little Bebe’s name since she has been born, from the Midwives who helped deliver her, the lady who registered her birth, to complete strangers who overhear us talking to her. We have met another person who has her name and they said their name is the best and they love being called it – and that from a teenage girl!

Little Bebe’s name does have some pitfalls mind. It is a ten letter name so getting her name in letters, the little letter trains, or bunting is extra expensive. You cannot get the name art pictures or name books as the ones I have seen have a maximum of eight or nine letters, such a shame because I love these. She will never be able to get the cups, pencils, place mats or keyring novelty things in her name, although this could be a godsend when she is older and wanting to buy all sorts of bits and bobs with her pocket money.

Always remember – whatever name you choose for your baby it is your choice, pick a name you love and you’ll know your baby will love as they grow and go for it!!!


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