Being a Chunky Monkey

Little Bebe was an average birth weight, weighing 7lb 12oz. We had a little rocky start with a difficult birth resulting in me needing a blood transfusion, unfortunately this meant my milk was a little delayed in coming in. Little Bebe lost 11ozs in her first five days.

Day five was the day my milk began to come in. I was worried Little Bebe was not getting enough milk still and I was on edge that she would still be losing weight. You cannot tell if you are producing enough milk or have any idea of how much baby is drinking, if only you could see into you breasts to see the milk flowing. When the midwife came for her first home visit on day seven Little Bebe had already gained 4ozs in just two days which was brilliant news.

Little Bebe has continued to gain weight rather rapidly ever since and has become our little chunky monkey. She is off the top of the 99.6th centile for weight but she is also long being on the 90th percentile for length. Im not sure how this has worked out as neither Mr Bebe or I are tall, in fact I’m definitely short.

At 4 weeks Bebe weighed 9lb 1oz
At 8 weeks Bebe weighed 1lb 14oz
At 12 weeks Bebe weighed 14lb 14oz
At 14 weeks Bebe had more then doubled her weight at 15lb 14oz
At 16 weeks Bebe weighed 17lb 10oz
At 20 weeks Bebe weighed 20lb 7oz
At 24 weeks Bebe weighed 22lb 4oz

Our health visitor was not concerned about Little Bebe’s weight gain as she was exclusively breastfed. We were reassured, as we had already thought, that she would lose it when she becomes more mobile. We were also not worried as she is such a happy and contented baby. Then on one visit to the baby clinic a different health visitor said were should have been referred about her weight because she had increased so many centiles. We received an appointment with the peadiatrician at the hospital, we thought it was a waste of time and we were taking up an appointment that someone else may really need but we did not cancel to appease the health visitor.  The peadiatrician was not at all worried and said Little Bebe was doing really well, meeting all of her milestones, being ahead on some and there was no sign of physical problems. The doctor signed us off then and there.


Since the doctor’s Little Bebe has continued as she has been, she has outgrown her clothing sizes long before she was due to and we had to buy far in advance. Clothing styles and brands now become big consideration. More fitted items with limited stretch were a no no, babygrows are no use as most will not do up around Little Bebe thighs, and coats can be a pain to fit around her. We have found clothes from nine months on do not really get much wider but do get longer which is a pain.

The brands so far:

1. M&Co – really lovely clothes, and great dress up range. The bits are generously sized and beautifully made.

2. George Asda – pretty average on sizing, unless leggings have frilly bit on the ankle then the are too small at the bottom. Great for cardigans and nearly everything can go in the dryer.

3. TU Sainsburys – designed for skinny kids, especially leggings. We can’t get anything to fit from here.

4. Primark – come up small in some things, Jersey type dresses are great with good stretch, tights are a nice fit but you cannot tumble dry most things.

5. Next – lovely clothes but come up a little small. Anything not stretchy is a no go as they are never wide enough.

6. F&F Tesco – average fit, vests come up a little small.

7. Peacocks – come up a little narrow, especially tops.

8. Baby Gap – lovely outfits, great style but come up a little small especially bottoms.

9. Mothercare – really well made and lovely outfits, good sizing and easily washed/dried.

10. Carter’s – American brand. Lovely bits and well made but sizing appears slightly different to ours, if it says 6 months I think it is more UK 3-6 months and 9 months is 6-9 months.

I will add more brand reviews as and when we try them but…..If you know of any brands that give a little more room, please let me know!!!


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