Battling the Bulge

I have managed to gain a whole four stone over the course of my pregnancy, completely ridiculous and completely my fault!

Pre-pregnancy I weighed nine stone and wore size ten clothes, I’m now twelve and a half stone and a size sixteen after having Little Bebe! The weight gain started at the beginning of my pregnancy – morning sickness that only seemed to be suppressed by food and I got used to eating and it kept going, then there was the ‘you are eating for two’ excuse (the works canteen would give me extra potions because I was pregnant, I did not ask for it but I do not say no either) and then by the end of my pregnancy I had become resigned to just eating constantly.

In the past I have had a couple of times where I gained weight but definitely nowhere near as much as now, I would gain a dress size but nothing more. I have always managed to lose the weight quite easily through diet and exercise. Now I’m really struggling – I’m constantly hungry, constantly busy and constantly tired.

I need to find a solution but am at a complete loss at the minute. I have little time, money or energy to put into weight loss.

My biggest problem areas that I can see are the lack of exercise and the constant snacking. I generally have healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners but come the evening and I’m eating junk and snacks in huge quantities. I dont think I’m drinking enough either, I rarely get to finish a cup,of tea before it’s stone cold and I’m not great at drinking cold drinks either.

Mr Bebe is an evening snack muncher too, the only difference is he can eat twice as much as me and he does not gain a dot.

It seems so rediculous that I will fill myself with so much rubbish when I am so careful about what Little Bebe eats – if only I was this concerned about my own intake of junk.

I have tried calling my mum every week with a weight update but she is as bad as me so we just make excuses for each other and do not lose an ounce. I have the Weightwatchers app and online subscription but I can’t stick to it, even though this has worked for me before. I have also bought a hulahoop and trampoline but am too tired by the time I get the chance to use them in the evening.

I have just spent time sorting out my phone photo’s as I am severely lacking in memory and wow I was slim – I’ve got to get this sorted! Maybe a plan would be to publish my weight each week then maybe the embarrassment of putting my weight online might motivate me to do something about it.


Me now and then………..what a difference a baby can make!

Help would not go a miss!!!


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