Wedding with a Bump!

Our Wedding Day

So with a little one on the way and after a three year engagement Mr Bebe and I decided to tie the knot……

We had been engaged from six months in but never set a date. We had so much going on in life it was ‘when can we fit it in?’, there is so much planning and preparation involved how would we manage it? We had moved south to north, I had to find a job, after finding a job we moved house again and this one needed a chunk of renovation doing to it – we would have to wait to get married.

We were getting the normal prods and pokes from family about our big day but managed to brush them off fairly successfully.

We then fell pregnant for the first time but unfortunately we had to go through the loss at three months.

We were trying again and marriage reared it head again, we should start thinking about setting a date!

Mr Bebe and I fell pregnant again, we waited on tender hooks until our scan – all was ok yay!!!! Mr Bebe was now adimant we had to set the date, he wanted us married before the baby arrived.

We contacted the local registry office but with little hope as we knew they could be booked up a year in advance. We attended to register our bans and look at dates – they had one date and time available, 4 weeks before the baby was due. We booked it!

Planning went in to full swing as much as it could around working full time and needing to sleep or be sick most of the rest of the time.

It actually worked out very straightforward – we decided to have a small wedding with close family and best friends only, followed by a three course wedding breakfast somewhere local and then drinks and cake back at the house.

Everything was running so smoothly, we loved going out to our local eateries to try the food and discuss possible booking, all the invites were out, witnesses and best man confirmed, cake and flowers sorted, hair and make up organised, it was so straight forward and seemed too easy – what was I missing?!

The dress – argh!!!!!!! Where was I going to find a dress to fit round my eight month bump?! The mission began, I tried on dresses that were looser from the bust down but they were uncomfortable at five months I dread to think what the would have felt like at eight months. I tried maternity dresses but none were a wedding dress – they were not anywhere near special enough, I plan on only doing this once and wanted to feel special walking up the aisle.

I searched online – not my preferred choice of shopping as I like to see and feel the dresses I buy. I could have ordered wedding looking maternity dresses from China but the reviews were very mixed and would it arrive on time?

Then I struck gold – real maternity wedding dresses from a UK company that delivered next day and I could return without hassle if it was not the dress I had hoped for. The choices were amazing, the reviews were brilliant and the the prices so reasonable for wedding dresses!

Tiffany Rose was the shop and Eden was the dress. The order was placed and the gown arrived the next day – I love it, the material was gorgeous and the fit amazing – I was ready to get married!!!!

The day arrived – it was beautifully sunny but thankfully not too hot. My family could not believe how calm I was – but I knew it was exactly what I wanted so no need for nerves!

It all went so smoothly and it was the most fantastic day, finished with Mr Bebe and I going for a night in a posh hotel.


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