In The Beginning

How one became three……….

I grew up in a pretty secure family unit, mum, dad, and two sisters. We are a tight family but obviously have the normal family niggles and occassional gripes. We lived in the edge of a large town in the south east and had a great upbringing.

Us three girls are very close in age with less than four years between all three of us. I am the middle child, with normal middle child syndrome.

When growing up I always thought marriage and kids were not for me. My big sister got married and started her family in her early twenties when I was still interested in going out socialising and partying all the time, I worked full time in the city and was loving the life. By the time I hit my late twenties I realised marriage and kids could be something I wanted just not right then, I guess it took me a while to grow up and realise what would be important to me. I left the city to go back to uni to study a Primary Education degree and life slowly started to change pace. I became a teacher and looked at my life more seriously.

Looking back the just right then was more about who I was with rather then how old I was. As it happens I had to kiss a few frogs before I found my Prince, someone that I actually wanted to marry and have their DNA mixed with mine to produce our fabulous offspring.

One became two……..Mr Bebe and I got together in my early thirties, after having known each other for about ten years. He proposed after six months of being together – quick I know – but neither of us were getting any younger and it felt completely right. Bless him for sticking with it – he asked three times (same day) before I answered with a yes, the first two answers were not no just pure shock at being asked and checking he really meant it.

After the engagement we moved up north, back to Mr Bebe’s home town. We didn’t manage to set a date for the wedding despite the continuous prods from family, we kept putting it off as we had lots going on, movibg up north, me finding a job, then moving home and the renovating said home.

We started trying for a baby once a job and our home was secure – after 11 months of trying we finally fell, but it was not to be  – at 12 weeks we lost our baby. Devistated!

We eventually tried again and after 5 months we fell, this time it was meant to be. Mr Bebe said “that’s it no more putting off the wedding”, he wanted us to be a proper family with all of us sharing our name, so at eights months pregnant we got married.

Two became three……….five weeks after our wedding our beautiful baby daughter was born!


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